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Portrait painter / lansdcape painter

Whatever your project, it’s at the tip of my brushes!

Portrait painter- Specializing in portraits and landscapes, my artwork ranges from baroque, to  realistic or even to psychedelic style.

As a modern Portrait painter I feel halfway between fauvism and figurative. I love spreading paint through colorful flattened effects, always guided by the will to break from the academic rules.

I only created my company in 2019, but as far as I can remember, I have always expressed the need to create, model, draw, paint, make the invisible visible and share my creations.

In addition to portraits, I am keen on working on other projects, such as narrative figuration.
From faithful to abstract portrait, from watercolor to oil or acrylics, from black and white to psychedelic hues, from single to multiple, order your own personal artwork!

tableau chien aviateur

International Contemporary Art Competition

1er prize The Big One

To end the year 2021 with a joyful artistic note, I am very exited to share with you my latest international prize. A fabulous reward which symbolizes my engagement in the animal cause, and brings highlights on my artwork.

Portrait painter - My portraitures

My portraits are made on the basis of a photograph or live.  You can commission the portrait of any of your loved ones, from children, to friends, kids or grown-ups and even your favourite pet. Single or multiple portrait, classic or modern, black and white or colorful, choose the one that suits you the most!
tableau pastel père et sa fille artiste peintre Reims

Portrait painter - Soft pastel

In the form of sticks or pencils, soft pastel allows hyperrealistic portraits. I also use Panpastel, (pastel in pans) for its high covering potential and its rich pigments.

Watercolor paints

Sépia watercolor

Sepia watercolor on Arches cotton paper. 31 * 41 – Mijello Mission Gold extra fine watercolors – renowned for their high light-resilience pigments

Mission Gold (Mijello) watercolor

Watercolor on Arches cotton paper. 31 * 41 – Mijello Mission Gold extra fine watercolors – renowned for their high lightfastness. Their high concentration of pigments allows fades while transparency, of incomparable fineness.

portrait de famille en peinture

Family watercolor

Whether individual or collective, watercolor immortalizes your loved ones or your moments of happiness. It is most often painted on cotton paper, but can also be achieved on a less conventional support, thanks to a particular treatment of the support.

Pet portrait - watercolor

Love your pet? Have him/her painted!

For a romantic look, choose watercolor.

(egs greyhound) 

For an hyper-realistic painting, I recommand oils 

Check the prices here

portrait peinture animal personnalisé

Bride and Groom

watercolor color


watercolor black and white




sepia watercolor


Sépia watercolor paint

peinture à l'huile enfant

Oil painting - portraiture

Oil, its shimmering hues, for a more real-than-life rendering.

I only use high quality pigments and extra-fine oils from Sennelier. Choose the size and the picture, I will do the rest and enhance it into a lively colorful painting.

(All my oils are made on linen canvas chassis).

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Marketing portrait

Whether you want to develop the marketing around the design of your brand, showcase your company logo, or expand the visibility of your products, opt for an artwork that will enhance your heritage. Declinable to infinity on any medium, artistic creation will offer you the most beautiful way to succeed.

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tableau chien personnalisé


This oil on canvas was made on the basis of two photos, the first one, dealing with the main subject, and the second one, the background, for a unique outcome. All combinations are available.
This oil on canvas, midway between Fauvism and figurative, immortalizes the pet through a prism of shimmering colors.
chow chow peinture.jpg
tableau baroque.jpg

Old paintings - Historic character - Joseph-Balthazar Silvester (1971-1868)

This historic figure was painted from a lithograph (black and white); the creative process fully results in the colorization process (portrait in extra-fine oil).

Sublimate your best souvenirs

Sublimate your memories by giving them an artsy authenticity. Here, a revisited overexposed photo memory…

portrait défunt
photo surexposée


Have you pet painted in a custom outfit!


Have your hapiest moments (wedding, birth, etc...) immortalized on a painting

Real Estate

Have your real estate or brand painted on a lively artwork

Custom pet painting

You are considering to immortalize your favourite pet? Have them painted in funny clothing!

Happy events

From mariage to new-born babies or any other celebration, get your happiest moments on an oil canvas, for a lively portrait.

Real Estate

Based on one or more photos, get your real estate or brand immortalized in a colorful and powerful custom painting.

Frida Kahlo


Acrylics , for a living work, I also realize colorful portraits, which will, I’m sure, enhance your interiors.

Acrylic on canvas 80*80cm painted with a knife for more modernity

tableau femme sensuelle

5 -Pencil and crayon drawings

Graphite, Charcoal, colored pencils or dry pastel, drawing enables a large range of details for hyper-realistic portraits. I only only professionnal quality material for all my artwork, which allows my drawings and paintings to last forever.

To check prices, it’s over here !

coloured pencils

Pastel pencils

My animal watercolor paintings

My artwork develops and evolves according to seasons, to adorn with monochromatic or, on the contrary, ultra-pigmented and unexpected shades. I really like playing with lights and shadows, giving a modern character to pieces seemingly simple. Here are some of my late artworks created in my studio.
Tableau aquarelle animalière colorée


This 30 * 40 cm pachyderm was made in watercolor. It  required 7 hours to complete this artwork.

Le Rhinoceros

This other pachyderm of 30 * 40 cm was also made in watercolor. More than 7 hours were required to complete this painting.

tableau aquarelle rhinoceros
aquarelle Cerf coloré

Le cerf

This 30 * 40 cm deer is a watercolor on Caran d’Aches paper.

Le Tigre

This 30 * 40 cm feline is a watercolor on Arches paper. About 6 hours were required to finalize it.

tableau TIGRE.jpg


This dry pastel painting is the animal version of Cinderella. It was painted on Papermat special papier. With its 30 * 40 cm dimensions it took about 8 hours to complete it.

Le panda roux

This red panda of 30 * 40 cm is a soft pastel painting on Pastelmat paper (a special paper which holds the pigment perfectly and enables hyper-realistic drawings)


Biography Helen BARENTON

Author of novels, painter, and sculptor, I am often asked what the common denominator of everything I do. However, if I like art in all its forms, creation is not only about imagination, it is also and above all, a very particular way of observing. The miracle of life is what inspires my work.

Beyond my strong desire to continually achieve a higher level of expertise and technical ability is my longing to describe my sincere interpretation of beauty. Hopefully through my painting I will not only express the surface level of what I observe but the more important soulful and emotional discoveries of my internal world.
My art practice is an extension of my ongoing journey to unearth the treasures of secret wisdom only found by delving into my emotional landscape. Many truths about our human spirit hide in our trauma shadows, my aim is to expose these and transform them into something beautiful. This allows my artistic vision to be both traditional and contemporary. This is through art that I fight indifference between men and that I propose new ways of seeing the world. Passionate about art, especially painting, I offer you an initiatory journey immersed in my world. 

Dream the one that looks like you! Do not hesitate, it’s over here!

photo Helen BARENTON
"Art is the shortest path from man to man"

Contact me

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to ask question or to order your own project, 


Reims, France

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