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Welcome to my art portfolio, an artistic space, where my creations seek to capture a moment of beauty and emotion. Through this portfolio, I aim to share with you a fragment of my artistic journey, marked by continuous learning and the constant pursuit of sincere expression.

As a consequence, each canvas represents a personal exploration, where colors and shapes blend in a dance. My artistic style also evolves with inspiration, drawing its essence from everyday life experiences and chance encounters.

This is why, through landscapes, portraits, satiric animal paintings, my personal compositions strive to convey authentic emotions. Art, for me, is a humble language that seeks to communicate beyond words, to touch our core and provoke quiet reflection.

This portfolio is a testament to my modest contribution to artistic expression. Each work is a humble offering, an invitation to contemplation, and a connection with the beauty that resides in simplicity.

I invite you to explore these world and share this moment of artistic discovery with me. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

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My sculptures - Welcome to my world, where art takes the form of a powerful mirror of our society. With a unique perspective and a touch of irony,

I offer you an intriguing and stimulating artistic journey that delves into human behaviors, shedding light on megalomania and the threat it poses to the animal world.

Each piece of artwork from this Portfolio is a statement that invites reflection. My creations take the form of satirical paintings and sculptures, where humor is used as a weapon to expose the shortcomings of our species. At the core of this collection lies a deep desire to raise awareness among the public about the serious issues affecting our planet. My artistic approach aims to awaken consciousness and foster discussions on crucial matters such as biodiversity conservation, sustainability, and respect for life on Earth.

Each piece in this collection is a fusion of creativity, subversive humor, and social commitment.

Série animalière

Une série

Série animalière est ma collection la plus récente. La série se concentre sur un visuel en décalage avec ce que la nature donne à voir et des couleurs modernes, apportant au sujet une dimension unique et particulière.​

Série nature

Une étude

Série nature est une approche sur chassis noir, des tonalités tout en contraste où mes compositions florales prennent tout leur éclat.

Urban Landcapes

Observer de loin

Urban Lanscape est une série de paysages urbains modernes aux couleurs éclatantes. À travers cette collection, j’essaye d’apporter un regard critique sur ce que l’on accepte maintenant comme des éléments courants de la vie. J’invite mes fans à se remettre en question et redéfinir leurs hypothèses sur la société, afin de devenir plus en lien, dans un monde de plus en plus urbanisé.

My animal series

A series

Animal series is my most recent collection. The series focuses on a visual out of step with what nature shows and modern colors, bringing the subject a unique and particular dimension.

Life and still life nature

A study

Nature series is an approach on a black chassis, with contrasting tones where my floral compositions take on their full splendour.

Urban Landcapes

In invitation to observe

Urban Landscapes is a series of modern cityscapes in vibrant colors. Through this collection, I try to take a critical look at what we now accept as common elements of life. I invite my viewers to question themselves and redefine their assumptions about society. Thus, to become more connected, in an increasingly urbanized world.

Animal collection

Collection Natures et landcapes

My portraits

My sculptures

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    Handmade sculpture 

    Order your own! Helen BARENTON creates custom sculptures based on your wishes. Get you favourite animal sculpted ! Sculpture made of clay.



    This hippopotamus with a nice mouth was made in raw clay, then hand painted to give it a bronze look. It is then hardened by the application of a special varnish.

    Chat alors

    Chat alors

    This sculpture inspired by the work of Dali was made on a steel structure, covered with raw earth, then painted and parted by hand.

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