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Painting tips

Many of you asked for tutorials and Painting tips or artistic advice, so I am delighted to share my “knowledge” with you. I also give painting and drawing lessons in Reims (North of France), but if you don’t have the chance (😊) to live nearby, I’m still thinking of you too! This blog does not aim to be academic, but eventually, it could save you from the setbacks that every artist has once experimented. Hence, if you are lucky enough, you may even come across some very helpful Painting tips.

Painting lessons

So, to make it short, I’m a self-taught artist. I didn’t attend Fine Arts or any other artistic school, but as far as I can remember, I’ve always been sensitive tarts. Because, yes, people use to say artists were born with a gift. But my believe is that, rather than a gift, it is more of a real sensitivity that drives us. A bit like in music : either you have a musical ear, or you don’t. Yet, even though you weren’t born with a guitar in your hand, but rather with a saucepan in the back of your throat, that doesn’t prevent you from being a music lover and knowing how to appreciate good music! Besides, we all know someone who sings like a syringe, but knows how to play the piano! Okay, these people will probably never become Mozarts, but through hard work, they will manage to play Richard Clayderman! Same analogy with sports: a lot of training will help you improve your chrono, but there is little a chance that you ever come close to Hussein Bolt’s record were you born with a clubfoot!

Practice arts

All this to say that even though you think you have no particular gift for drawing or painting, IT’S OK! the most important thing is the energy, the desire that you will put into your practice of arts. And you know what ? You might even be surprised of your capabilities!

So let’s jump into it !

The idea is to regularly offer you simple articles, to help you better understand the disciplines of drawing but also painting. Feel free to comment, or give me ideas for themes if you have special needs! I will try to enrich my content with short videos of my work, and step by step tutorials.

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