Edgar the Peacock



Colorful Peacock Painting.

Discover a captivating artwork. A vibrant oil painting measuring 96 x 73 cm, created with passion on a 100% linen canvas. This unique peacock painting features a multicolored peacock and its tail. Draped in an orange jacket, it emerges from a mysterious black background. The lively colored feathers in the background add a touch of magic to this artistic creation.

But beyond the visual superficiality, this artwork is a subtle satire. Indeed, it ironically mocks the often exaggerated pride of human beings. Each carefully painted detail offers an immersive visual experience. This satirical work is more than just a canvas; it is an exploration of color, emotion, and a reflection on our own vanity.

Wall Decor

Add a touch of originality to your space with this exceptional piece that invites critical contemplation. Each brushstroke tells a story, a subversive narrative aimaing at awakening the mind.

Make this colorful Peacock oil painting a centerpiece in your collection. An artistic mirror that encourages reflection. Order now and immerse yourself in the unique world of satirical art.

Thus, through my artistic vision, I seek to question the viewer about our behaviors. I try to highlight the complexities and paradoxes inherent in our quest for power.

Finally, my artistic approach aims at showing our tendency to seek domination, exploit nature, and often act counterproductively.

It is for all these reasons that each brushstroke is designed to provide meticulous details in the colorful peacock ‘s feathers and emphasize its natural beauty, while the clothing adds a sarcastic dimension to the scene. The rich and deep colors allowed by oil painting capture the essence of this unexpected encounter, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Whether you are an art lover, a passionate collector, or simply in search of an exceptional piece to adorn your space, “Edgar the Peacock” is more than just a canvas; it is a visual experience that evokes joy, pride, and imagination.

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