French citiscape



French citiscape. Reims Painting. Oil on 100% Linen Canvas, 116*80 cm, Depicting the City of Reims in Northeast France.

A chiaroscuro landscape of my hometown, featuring the backdrop of the Reims Cathedral and its fiery sunset sky.

Approximately sixty hours of work were dedicated to the creation of this Reims painting.

As with all my artworks, I exclusively use extra-fine pigments and professional-grade materials, ensuring longevity without yellowing or deterioration over time.

My artworks can be delivered worldwide.

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Reims Cathedral: Celestial Splinters

Dear art enthusiasts and heritage enthusiasts,

I am delighted to present my latest artistic creation, a captivating piece that captures the timeless majesty of the Reims Cathedral under a flamboyant sky. Titled “Celestial Splinters,” this oil painting is a visual celebration of the cathedral’s grand architecture intertwined with the ephemeral splendor of a sunset ablaze.

About the Artwork:

  • Title: Celestial Splinters
  • Technique: Oil Painting
  • Dimensions: 116*80 cm


The purpose of this artwork is to transport the viewer into a world where the Gothic architecture of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Reims harmonizes with the vibrant palette of a sky ablaze at dusk. A chiaroscuro that plays with shadows and lights to enhance our architectural heritage.


“Celestial Splinters” was born from my fascination with history, particularly the architectural grandeur of my hometown and, notably, the Reims Cathedral. The juxtaposition of the immovable solidity of stone and the fleeting ephemeral nature of an inflamed sky creates a unique ambiance, inviting everyone to contemplate the eternal beauty in the world around us.