Poster Greyhound – Giclee print, Art poster, high-resolution limited edition poster, signed by artist Helen Barenton, ideal gift for a small budget.

Are you dreaming of decorating your interior in an original and modern way? Want an artwork but don’t have the budget for it? Do you want to give a unique, artistic gift and support French entrepreneurship and craftsmanship?

Choose the high-resolution poster! This greyhound Poster was designed for you ! It will magnify the modern interior, but also fit the vintage one, with its colorful background, and its old-fashioned style.  Get one before they sell out !

All my artworks are available as Giclee prints. You choose the design and size, and you’re good to go!

A unique gift that never fails to please!

The original of this aviator dog has flown to Florida and joined a private collection.

I painted this oil on canvas in 2021, and it won first prize in the international competition “The big one.” This satirical work aims to mock human megalomania, capable of flying to the moon but unable to solve problems on Earth, starting with climate change, for which it is responsible. All my artworks have a second layer of meaning and carry messages.

The meticulous work that goes into my artworks is largely due to my love for details. Thus, I aim to engage the viewer through narrative figuration.

Feel free to ask for more giclee prints as all of my original artworks can be turned into Posters ! I will be happy to help !

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50*50cm, 50*70cm, 60*80cm, 70*70cm, 70*100cm, 100*100cm